Windex® Dinghy | 10-20 feet sized boats

Windex® Dinghy | 10-20 feet sized boats


WINDEX Dinghy is designed for dinghies and smaller sailboats with quick attachment for the mast. The quick fix allows easy removal of WINDEX Dinghy without using any tools. Otherwise, the same as Windex 10 except for the lack of reflexes.

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  • Windex® Dinghy will be the perfect choice for dinghy’s and smaller boats from 3-6 meter (10-20 feet) where you don´t need the reflectors and like to have a quick mount on the side of the mast for easy detachment.
  • Windex® wind vanes for sailors that need exceptional performance at the best value of any wind indicator worldwide. The secret is in the sapphire jewel suspension bearing, large fin-low inertia vane, and easy-to-read, fully adjustable tacking tab system.
  • Windex® vanes are sturdy and when installed properly, offer many years of use. They have been wind tunnel tested to wind speeds of 40 m/s
  • Windex® wind vanes remain the top performing wind indicators in the world and offers exceptional performance with great value.
  • Provides accurate apparent wind direction information for cruisers and racers
  • Saphire jewel suspension bearing makes the device sensitive in light air and responsive in heavy air

Windex® Dinghy data:

  • Vane length 250mm (10”)
  • Height 270 mm (10,5”)
  • Weight 31 gr (1,2 ounces)
  • It has a stainless clamp that you attach with self tapping screw on the side of the mast

Assembly instructions for Windex Dinghy.
Windex Dinghy is the precision wind direction indicator for the smaller sailboats.