Finally here! Do you want to distribute the Original Windex® in the US?

We are the original Windex® wind indicator, invented back in 1964 and still placed on top of boats all over the world.
Like said, Windex® wind vanes and the sapphire jewel suspension bearing are the original and remain the top performing wind indicators in the world, yet at the best value. High quality and world-class precision are very important to us and we are constantly working to ensure that every sailor around the world can buy a Windex® and get service with spare parts, in case an accident occurred.
And now, we are thrilled to be entering the US market! To be able to do so we need to find the best distributors as our US companions. Becoming a partner to us, or actually one in the Windex® family as we like to call it, requires that you market the brand Windex®.

If it still sounds interesting, contact us and we will try to find a solution that is right for both of us! To read some more about Windex® wind indicators, visit the rest of the site or read more further down here. Happy sailing!

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    Some additional information:

    We have the Windex® 15 BirdSpike!

    An important and popular product is the Windex® 15 with BirdSpikes included. Hence it includes a bird-proof spike, extending another 190 mm (7,5”) above the top discourages birds from landing. It is made of carbon and wight only 3 gram so it will not affect the function. This is an overwhelmingly popular choice among cruising and racing boats alike, Windex® continues to prove its exceptional performance and exceptional value.

    The Windex® features:

    ✔️ Provides accurate apparent wind direction information for cruisers and racers
    ✔️ Saphire jewel suspension bearing makes the device sensitive in light air and responsive in heavy air
    ✔️ Includes custom adjustable tacking tab system
    ✔️ Reflective tape makes the Windex® easy to see at night
    ✔️ Wind tunnel tested to wind speeds in excess of 80 knots
    ✔️ Includes thorough bolt and tap mounting screw or you can use the 5/16” thread direct